Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Up (2009) review


Even the second time through, this is one of Pixar's I can truly call flawless.

PLOT:Carl Fredrickson (Ed Asner) has always been an adventurer. Alongside his best friend Ellie, he explored and conquered lots. Later on they marry and plan to go to Paradise Falls, the land that time forgot in South America. Their inspiration, Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer), lives there in his blimp, The Spirit of Adventure. They save up their whole lives to go to Paradise Falls until Carl finally gets enough money to buy tickets there. Unfortunately, something unexpected happens and Ellie passes away. We know this early on in the film, for in present day, Carl is old and retired, living alone in the same old house which is awaiting to be bulldozed. After an accidental attack to save his house, he's almost forced to move to a retirement home. However, his spirit of adventure drives him to fill up a million or so balloons so that he can finally fly to Paradise Falls. A pesky hitchhiker has hitched a ride, however: a pesky, young boy scout by the name of Russel (Jordan Nagai). In an unexpected turn of events, they end up just hours from Paradise Falls and have to walk there with the house, yet the meet some weird characters, such as a giant, colorful bird named Kevin and a talking dog named Doug. This all links together in a creative story we find out later on. It's a very creatively-written plot executed brilliantly.

VOICES:The voice acting in here was pretty well done. Ed Asner and Christopher Plummer both did a great job as Carl and Charles. Jordan didn't do anything special, but he did a good enough job to be considered less than annoying. These are the shiners, with the honorable mentions going to Bob Peterson as Alpha and John Ratzenberger as Construction Foreman Tom.

SCORE:The score was very well done by one of the greats, Michael Giacchino. The theme was very light-hearted and the more intense score fit the moods very well.

ANIMATION:Just as Pixar always does, the animation is simply beautiful. The characters have a bit more realistic detail, however, and the backgrounds and objects seemed way more colorful. This one definitely showed respect to the Pixar name.

OTHER CONTENT:This film would be perfect with or without the animation. The story is unique and creative, the emotional impact was great and brilliantly introduced, and the charm and wit was enough to win any casual moviegoer over. I seriously couldn't find a fault in this film!

OVERALL,an epic Pixar film with a creative and brilliantly-executed plot, well done voice acting, well done and fitting score, beautiful animation, a unique story, a great emotional impact, and plenty of charm and wit.

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