Monday, July 23, 2012

The Three Stooges (2012) review


I only watched this because my nephew made me. It doesn't breathe a lot of new life into the age-old comedy trio, but it does give a decent try.

PLOT:Larry (Sean Hayes), Curly (Will Sasso), and Moe (Chris Diamantopolous) grow up in an orphanage under the care of nuns after being left on a doorstep, driving everybody crazy with their usual antics. One day when they're adults, they are told that unless they raise a large amount of money, the orphanage they grew up in would close down and all of their young friends would distributed to foster homes across the states. Well, the dimwitted trio won't stand for it and set out on a mission to raise enough money to save the orphanage. However, they get theirselves into some deep water when they are hired for a job to murder someone's husband and end up screwing it up for the better. Now, they must get to the bottom of the whole murder mystery and save the orphanage still. It's an ok plot executed in only the way the Stooges could pull it off.

ACTING:The acting was pretty good considering it was a movie involving the three stooges. The Stooges themselves did a pretty good job of acting. I believe Will Sasso did a great job as Curly, Chris Diamantopolous added some emotion to Moe's character, and Sean Hayes was just a typical Larry. The other shiners in this would be Jane Lynch as Mother Superior, Kirby Heyborne as Teddy,  and Skylar Gisondo as Young Moe with a humorous cameo by the entire cast of Jersey Shore. Some of the performances were either unneeded or just got on my nerves, such as Larry David as Sister Mary-Mengele. A nun played by a male? REALLY? That's a cheap shot. Also, I didn't care for the villainous characters of Sofia Vergara as Lydia (though sexy) and Craig Bierko as Mac. Not really a good pair going there.

SCORE:The score was mainly made up of a few well placed songs, and then a few annoying originals. I enjoyed how they used some of Foster the People's music in the mix.

OTHER CONTENT:This re-vamp of the Three Stooges does its best to breathe new life into the nearly-forgotten trio of comedy, but it just barely does that. The movie's full of the usual simple slapstick mixed in with some clever jokes, but after a while it just gets boring and juvenile. Fans of the original Stooges will more than likely be pleased, but this will win no converts and will more than likely bore the ones not as interested. The best part of the movie is probably the first 30-45 minutes, or until they set off on their journey. After that, it starts to get monotonous with a few clever jokes thrown in. I laughed only a few times, but when I did, I couldn't stop myself. However, it's stil just a goofy movie fit for the fans and children only.

OVERALL,a not too bad but not really good movie with a decent plot, pretty good main acting, some well-placed songs, simple slapstick, some clever jokes, and a strong beginning, but the villains were sucky, some songs were annoying, it gets monotonously boring and juvenile after a while, and it's only for children and the true fans.

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