Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) review


The much-anticipated conclusion to Nolan's Batman trilogy is almost all the fans could want, but it lacks a concrete ending.

PLOT:It's been about eight years since Batman's last appearance and also since Harvey Dent's death, and Gotham City has been pretty much in peace since his criminal act has been put to action. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), meanwhile, has holed himself up in his mansion with only Alfred (Michael Caine) being his outside contact. One day, things start to spark back up when a "cat-burgling" spy named Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) robs Wayne in order to obtain a special weapon that could erase the background behind any person in seconds. Also, a new villian named Bane (Tom Hardy) is beginning to let himself be known in Gotham and setting special plans in place to control Gotham City for good. Obviously, these two new threats are connected in some way. Now, Bruce Wayne must come out of retirement and once again don the Batman suit, if he can regain the spirit he once had, with his only true allies being the police detective, John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), Comissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman), and a new ally in charge of Bruce Wayne's enterprises named Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard). However, Bane is a strong enemy who's been trained by Batman's old mentor in the past, and there is also another secret spy on Bane's side that no one knows about. How will this all turn out? I'll leave you there. It's a great plot executed brilliantly.

ACTING:The acting is great as well. There isn't a dry performance in here. Every character is played with the most emotion possible for them. Christian Bale's reprised role as Bruce Wayne/Batman is still as mysterious and well done as ever. Tom Hardy does a brilliant job of playing the new, misunderstood villain of Bane. He really tries to be as wicked and evil as he possibly can, while still being mysterious. Anne Hathaway's role as Selina Kyle/Catwoman is also very well played and also very sexy, as she plays it with the top priority of keeping mysterious. The other shiners besides these three are Michael Caine as Alfred, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Detective John Blake, Gary Oldman as Comissioner Gordon, Morgan Freeman as Lucious Fox, Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate, and Liam Neeson with his cameo as Ra's al Ghul (Batman's trainer). Each of the old roles come back as strong as ever and each new one shines some new light into the final installment of the Batman trilogy.

SCORE:The score was made up of many different, beautiful themes done by the great Hans Zimmer, along with a haunting rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner". I really liked it.

EFFECTS:The effects of the machines, the explosions, and all of the action looked great and realistic to say the least.

OTHER CONTENT:This final installment to Nolan's great Batman trilogy is just as suspenseful, thrilling, intense, and violent as the last with some more stacked up on the side. This film comes off as a very great ending to brilliant superhero trilogy. There are even a few scenes in which I can find a great bit of underlying beauty only a true cinephile could spot. The only flaw I could really find in this is the end. I'm not going to spoil it, but it can come off as confusing to some and it doesn't seem to completely tie off the trilogy for good. It almost spoiled a good bit of the film for some. However, this is still a great film, and Batman will live forever in the hearts of those everywhere.

OVERALL,an awesome Batman film with a brilliantly executed plot, great acting, beautiful score, realistic effects, some underlyingly beautiful scenes, and almost just as much suspense, thrills, intensity and violence as the last one, but the ending ruined it a little for me.

(P.S.: I'd like to give my condolences and respects to the victims and families of those who were killed and injured in the Colorada shootings during this film. God rest their souls in hope something of this type may never happen again.)

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