Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scary Movie 4 (2006) review


This one has always been my favorite in the series, but I still wouldn't consider it a good movie.

PLOT:When an alien menace attacks the city due to an unforgivable grudge, Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris), Brenda (Regina Hall) and their newfound freind Tom Ryan (Craig Bierko) must band together to break the grudge and save the world, once again. However, Cindy must keep Tom safe, and Tom must keep his negligent kids safe.  It's a simply-spoofed plot executed somewhat better than the past movies, but still badly.

ACTING:The acting was its usual for the past performances, but some of the new characters weren't that bad. The shiners would be Anna Faris as Cindy (just barely), Craig Bierko as Tom Ryan, and Anthony Anderson as Mahalik with honorable mentions to Charlie Sheen as the other Tom, Phil McGraw as himself, and the Girl's Next Door. I believe Hall's acting fell a lot throughout the series and Leslie Neilson's role as the President seemed more sarcastic in here.

SCORE:The score mainly played for dramatic effect, but some songs on the soundtrack were ok and well-placed. Of course, does it really matter?

EFFECTS:The effects actually weren't that terrible for a mere spoof movie. Sure, they were bland, but they weren't completely dreadful as one would expect. Then again, does it really matter?

OTHER CONTENT:This installment in the Scary Movie series mocks the likes of War of the Worlds, The Grudge, The Village, Saw, and Million Dollar Baby among others. Compared to the others, this one is actually a bit funnier in my opinion. I found myself busting out laughing at a handful of parts. However, there were some parts that I just found myself sighing and shaking my head. It still recycles quite a bit of unfunny jokes from the past few movies. In my opinion, the movie's pretty funny until about halfway through, then it starts falling more and more down the drain. I do like how the blended all of the movies together, however. One thing literally led to another.

OVERALL,an alright spoof movie with a somewhat better-executed plot, decent new performances, typical score, not too bad effects, and a handful of laughs, but the plot's still pretty bad, the usual performances seem to fall, and lots of recycled material.

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