Friday, January 4, 2013

The Fourth Kind (2009) review


The more I see this movie, the more I realize about it. However, it's still a pretty terrifying "documentary" with scary possibilities.

PLOT:Dr. Abigail Tyler (herself and Milli Jovovich)  is a psychologist in Nome, Alaska. Her husband has recently been killed and Tyler is trying to find out his killer, but things have been weird around. All of her recent patients come in telling about a disturbance in their sleep patterns caused by a mysterious owl. She puts one of her patients in a hypnosis so he can pinpoint what's been disturbing his sleep every night; however, he reacts violently. Things get worse when all of her patients start going crazy and claiming that some alien intelligence is abducting them at night. Tyler and her followers are determined to get down to the bottom of this. This story is told with reenacted footage besides "actual recordings". It's a good plot executed decently.

ACTING:The acting in here was pretty sucky overall. Milli Jovovich tried to play the part of Abigail Tyler with her acting flair while keeping true to the footage, but she just ended up failing the job she was given to do for the character. Will Patton also played a pretty sucky part as Sheriff August. The only two actors that were pretty decent were Elias Koteas as the other psychologist and Hakeem Kae-Kazim as the Sumerian translator. Either way, the "real" footage was done better.

SCORE:Sympatheticand unnerving, but not the best sci-fi/horror score I'll ever hear.

OTHER CONTENT:When this movie hit theaters, a lot of people thought it was real due to the freaky found footage aspect of it and the introduction at the beginning saying to believe what you want. However, research and the twist ending makes a mockery of the belief it's trying to win. I don't think it's as honest as it's trying to be, but either way, the moments where the aliens come in scare the heck out of me still. Though it doesn't seem real, it still succeeds to scare. If it is fake, I do like the effects and camera tricks put into making this work. It's a really confusing movie.

OVERALL,a good alien (mock?)umentary with a decent plot, mainly sucky acting, ok score, scary moments and frightening possibilites, but the research I've done and the twist ending make the belief it's trying to convey a mockery. Either way, it's still entertaining.

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