Monday, January 21, 2013

French Kiss (1995) review


It's actually a pretty interesting love story with some decent acting, but it fails to do anything truly spectacular for me.

PLOT:Kate (Meg Ryan) has been engaged with a guy named Charlie (Timothy Hulton) for a long time. He takes a trip to Paris without her, because she's afraid of flying, and ends up falling for another French girl. Kate then decides to fly to Paris to try to steal him back. However, while on the plane, she meets an interesting Frenchman named Luc Teyssier (Kevin Kline), who helps conquer her fear of flying. However, Kate doesn't know about Luc's troublesome past and what he's done. In a strange turn-of-events, they end up following each other and get advice for each other's lives. It's a decent plot executed pretty mediocrely.

ACTING:The acting wasn't too bad, I'd say. Meg Ryan played a pretty good part as heartbroken Kate and Kevin Kline played a pretty decent part as wannabe-smooth Luc. However, neither of them was really outstanding I'd say. It was a typical romantic comedy. The other shiner would have been Jean Reno as Jean-Paul. He was alright.

SCORE:The score wasn't really important. It was made up of some mood-fitting score and a cheesy arrangement of French songs.

OTHER CONTENT:This wouldn't have been that bad if it had been executed right, I believe. It was just bland overall. The jokes fell pretty flat, the drama and romance didn't leave a huge mark, and it followed the rom-com formula pretty straight. I did see a bit of potential in it, and the performances weren't too bad, it just didn't end up to be anything more than bland.

OVERALL,a neutral movie with a mediocre-executed plot, decent acting, unimportant score, flat jokes, somewhat dull romance, and a too-familiar formula, but it did have some potential and it's not bad-it's just bland.

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