Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie (2004) review


I can't help but love this movie for the fact that I grew up with it. Even today, I'm still a nerd for the franchise.

PLOT:Yugi Moto (Dan Green) is known among the popular card game, Duel Monsters, as the most best player in the world. After putting together the ancient Millenium Puzzle, the spirit of the great dueling pharaoh was given to Yugi along with the all-powerful Egyptian god cards. In this adventure, Yugi is challenged to a duel by his arch rival, Seto Kaiba (Eric Stuart). However, Kaiba has prepared to finally beat Yugi with two cards taken from the deck of the game's creator. One of these cards, the Pyramid of Light, has a supernatural power given to it by the spirit of Anubis, an evil ruler from ancient Egypt. After a discovery of his tomb and artifacts, Anubis awakens with an age-old grudge against the pharaoh. So, in this one duel, Anubis' spirit is powered through the Pyramid of Light card and is bent on ruling the world and taking down the pharaoh. It's a decent plot executed fairly well.

VOICES:The voice acting in here was okay. The voice acting was done by the same actors who do it in the show, so if you've ever watched it, you kind of know what to expect. Dan Green did his usual good job of voicing Yugi Moto, as did Eric Stuart as Seto Kaiba. The other shiners would have to be Amy Birnbaum as Tea Garnder and Darren Dunstan as Maximillion Pegasus. Everybody else was fairly annoying.

SCORE:The score to this movie wasn't really too important. It was just basic score that set the mood for each scene. It was much like the TV show.

ANIMATION:The animation in here was pretty good. It's in the anime style and fairly detailed. If you're into anime, you'd probably like it. It's pretty detailed with the monsters and comical with the characters' faces at times.

OTHER CONTENT:This movie was really no big deal among most people, but to the fans of the franchise, it's pretty good. I've been a fan of the franchise since I was about five years old and I still do get into it some. The movie is mainly all cards and dueling and milking all the franchise has to offer. I like that, since I'm into it, but to those who aren't fans of the series, this movie doesn't really matter. This movie is strictly for fans of the series and card game. Also, even though I'm into it, this movie did have a few problems with me as well. There were some parts of it that were just cheesy and uncalled for, which kind of threw the movie off. Also, this movie is honestly just one great big episode of the show. With all the non-stop dueling, you'd be almost as good with the TV show itself. I'm into it, but I'm sure those who aren't either despise or don't care about it. It's one strictly for the fans.

OVERALL,a good movie with a decent plot, okay voice acting, basic score, pretty good anime animation, and a good following for the fans of the franchise, but there are some cheesy parts to it, it's no different from the show, and it's strictly for the fans.

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