Tuesday, April 16, 2013

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (1999) review


This dirty, loud-mouthed movie was both hilariously crude and a charming treat for the fans of the comedy series. It's crude and dark sense of humor aren't for everyone, however.

PLOT:In the town of South Park, we focus on four good friends: Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski (Matt Stone), Eric Cartman (Trey Parker), and Kyle McCormick, whom you probably already know by now. These four friends sneak into the movie of their choice, the Terrance and Phillip movie. However, these four learn horrible language that infects their classmates and puts the parents of South Park into a raging fit. So, the parents of South Park go on a rampage to make sure Terrance and Phillip and their Canadian race are destroyed. However, a sinister plan is going into effect involving Satan and Saddam Hussein. It's a good plot for South Park executed fairly well.

VOICES:The voice acting in this movie is the basic standard for South Park and it's pretty good and fitting. As usual, Trey Parker and Matt Stone do most of the voices for the characters in the film, including Kyle, Eric, Mr. Garrison, Kenny, and more. Aside these two, the movie has vocal appearances from George Clooney, Eric Idle, Dave Foley, and Mike Judge. The other shiners besides al these would be Mary Kay Bergman as a lot of the moms and Isaac Hayes as Chef.

SCORE:The soundtrack of the movie is pretty funny and catchy. There are crude little songs laced all-throughout. Some are annoying, yet again, a lot of them are catchy and get stuck in your head. I liked a handful of them.

ANIMATION:The animation in here is the standard style of animation always used in South Park. It isn't the best anyone will ever see, but if you've seen South Park before, you'll know that the animation is a key part to how the show and movie work. The animation is actually pretty fun and detailed for this South Park adventure.

OTHER CONTENT:This movie was pretty funny, though very crude. There are many moments placed throughout that are gut-bustingly funny, as well as many actually good pop culture jokes. It also has a special brand of charm that appears to the fans of South Park that sets up a child-like innocence and then shatters it with a good joke. However, this one is pretty much for the fans of dirty, black comedy and the show of the same name. The crude and nasty style isn't appreciated by everybody. Also, there were a couple of jokes and running gags in here that really failed to make me laugh and actually kind of disturbed me. Overall, it's a pretty funny movie, but only for those who favor the humor style.

OVERALL,a great movie with a good plot for the show, basic voice acting for the show, catchy and crude soundtrack songs, fun animation, lots of gut-bustingly funny moments and pop culture jokes, and a special brand of South Park charm, but not everybody will agree with the humor style and some jokes even disturbed me.

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