Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gorillaz: Demon Days Live (2006) review


This concert performance will probably live to be the best performance the Gorillaz have ever done so far.

Ever since it came out in 2006, I've been watching it over and over again. This concert covers the complete tracklist of the Gorillaz' album, Demon Days, with two additional songs as an encore. Most of the songs were performed either just like the album intended or better. Songs like "O Green World" and "Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head" were almost better than the album. However, some songs nearly missed the mark compared to the album, like "Dirty Harry" and "Dare". It nearly turned "Dare" into a comedy act, but either way, I found some bit of good in it. The visuals to the songs were also pretty cool and contained shots of the animated characters as well as some live video; they personified the story of "Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head" as well. I love how the band went against their usual style and performed a live show with the band silhouetted, then Damon Albarn, the lead singer, exposing himself in the end. I've been watching this concert and listening to the original album over and over again, for it brings back many memories of better times for me.

Overall, it's an epic concert for the great Gorillaz fans out there.

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