Saturday, June 2, 2012

Scary Movie (2000) review


I thought this would be good considering it was the original, but I was sadly mistaken. It was only the one that came first.

PLOT:In this horror spoof, we follow a group of friends including naive Cindy (Anna Faris), street-smart Brenda (Regina Hall), fruity Ray (Shawn Wayons), pothead Shorty (Marlon Wayans), stuck-up Buffy (Shannon Elizabeth), jerk Greg (Lochlyn Munro), and Cindy's boyfriend, Bobby (Jon Abrahams). When murders start occuring exactly a year after they killed a man and dumped him in the pier, everybody starts to worry that the killer might be after them. They even start to receive notes and mysterious phone calls from the killer. Now, they must try to keep each other safe and try to figure out who the killer is, comedically all the way. It's a basic plot executed somewhat creatively but in abundance, crudely.

ACTING:The acting in this movie was actually pretty bad. Some of the acting was supposed to be bad, of course, but it really brought the movie further down than it already was. The ones who I could consider shiners in this one are Anna Faris as Cindy, Jon Abrahams as Bobby, and Lochlyn Monro as Greg, with an honorable mention for Carmen Electra as Drew Decker. Though Faris did her typical sacasticly dumb acting, it worked in here. Abrahams was kind of bland, but he wasn't horrible. Monro did actually pretty well with his emotions. As for Regina Hall, Marlon Wayans, and Shannon Elizabeth, I thought they were rather annoying in here, and a couple of them usually made me laugh.

SCORE:The score is made up of some mood-fitting score and a few well-placed songs. It's not too important.

EFFECTS:There were a few effects in here that were used to increase crudeness and the like, and the were actually pretty good for the situation. Of course, the situation doesn't matter if it's no good.

OTHER CONTENT:This movie is what's known as the start of the most-popular spoof movie in modern times, but it's really just the start of a disaster. It's stupid, overly crude, sexually dependent, and at most times gross, but it does have a few clever laughs and even some simple jokes that made me laugh. One thing I do appreciate about this movie is that through all of the gross and crude jokes, it's the simple jokes that make you laugh the most, such as "The Matrix" scene. This movie has some good in it, but not much.

OVERALL,a not-bad-but-not-good spoof movie with a crudely and creatively executed plot, pretty bad acting, unimportant score, good enough effects, and stupid, gross, and sexually dependent jokes, but it did have a few clever laughs, some simple laughs, and an effect that has you craving the simpler stuff.

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