Monday, June 18, 2012

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012) review


They were right about this being the best of the series: colorful, funny, and actually touching, but it's still just a cliched kid's movie.

PLOT:In this third installment of the Madagascar series, we follow Marty (Chris Rock), Alex (Ben Stiller), Gloria (Jada Pinkett-Smith), and Melman (David Schwimmer) as they travel to Monte Carlo to reunite with the penguins and chimps (who flew away to gamble in a casino with lots of money). When they get there, of course, their plans fail and they end up on the run from evil, French animal hunter, Chantel Dubois (Frances McDormand). To escape her grasp, they hitch a ride aboard a circus train which the chimps (disguised) were able to buy from the owner. Not only must our heroes run from Dubois, they now notice that they have to train the circus animals to actually do well so they can get travel back home to New York. It's a great plot executed pretty well.

VOICES:The voice acting in here is better polished from the last one. All the original actors from the first two come back to reprise their roles and seem to outdo themselves compared to the last two. The shiners besides the four main characters are Sacha Baron Cohen as King Julien, Andy Richter as Mort, Frances McDormand as Chantel Dubois, Martin Short as Stefano, Jessica Chastain as Gia, and Bryan Cranston as Vitaly. The ones with accents put so much detail into them whether they have them or not in real life. Cohen seemed to do better in here than the others for some reason.
SCORE:The score was mainly mood-fitting mixed in with a few well-placed songs, including Katy Perry's "Firework". It was pretty good.

ANIMATION:The animation in here is great! They have definitely improved over the past two movies. The characters are animated in the same manner as the past two, take away the people. There was way more detail in the moves and especially the colors. The colors! They made this movie about as worthwhile as the use of colors in "Toy Story 3".

OTHER CONTENT:This addition to the Madagascar series is definitely the best out of them all. It's more clever, funnier, more meaningful, and is just something pretty much new. However, this movie does fall in a couple areas. Though the humor is better than the past two, it is also somewhat more juvenile. Don't let it fool you, this is pretty much just another kid's movie. The sillier jokes ensure you of that. Also, it seems like DreamWorks threw in all of the cliches it has used in their past works to make the story of this. The story is pretty formulaic and cliched. For example, it uses the cliche of the characters telling a lie to get out of trouble and bonding with the other characters and then them finding out the horrible lie and turning their back on them. It also uses the classic movie-villian cliches. It is a kid's movie at heart, but albiet, it's a good one.

OVERALL,a great kid's movie with a great plot, polished voice acting, pretty good score, colorful animation, more cleverness, funnier jokes, more meaning, and something just plain new, but it's just a silly kid's movie at heart, and it's very cliched.

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