Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Knowing (2009) review


I don't know why some many people hate this so much.

PLOT:50 years ago, there was a young girl named Lucinda who heard whispers in her head and put what she heard on paper. This paper was part of an assignment to be put into a time capsule. Later when the capsule is unearthed, the young son of John Koestler (Nicolas Cage), Caleb, recieves this peice of paper with numbers scribbled all over it. John decides that they must mean something, so he researches and discovers that each number is a date, time, death count, and location for every major disaster that has happened throughout the years and that will happen. He does more research and locates the daughter of Lucinda, Diana (Rose Byrne) and her daughter, Abby. Little do they know that they all are involved in the mystery of when the world will end and how it will end. The plot is an interesting idea, but it is executed a little more serious than it needs to be-turning it silly.

ACTING:The acting is very well done in my opinion. I'm a decent fan of Nic Cage and I think he did pretty well in here. Byrne did a decent job as well. They almost reached the point of overacting, but they toned it well enough to make it through. The child actors were pretty good too; they expressed emotion well. Either way, the plot brought them down.

SCORE:The score was just a filler, but it got the job done.

EFFECTS:The effects were all computer generated, and it shows. They were easy to tell as fake, but the movie is so unreal that it's kind of needed.

OTHER CONTENT:The plot had potential as a great sci-fi film, but it fell to unreasonable silliness in some parts. In some parts, though, it was clever and done well. The movie wasn't a total fail because it reached more emotional ground than I expected it to hit, but only enough. This movie is mainly a semi-religious, sci-fi mess, but it had its clever moments and emotional (not to mention psychological) impact.

OVERALL,a good sci-fi with an interesting but absurdly executed plot, very well done acting, filler score, effects that appear too fake, some silly and some clever moments, emotional ground I didn't expect it too hit, and a slight psychological impact.

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