Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011) review


I've never seen such an animated short with such power.

PLOT:Mr. Morris Lessmore is just an average guy who reads a lot. One day, a hurricaine hits his town and blows his house and all of his books away. He starts to go into depression, but then a mysterious fairy with flying books comes by and sends a magical copy of Humpty Dumpty down. This book guides Morris to the house of the flying books, where he becomes the new reader and caretaker of these books. It is a very unique plot centered around reading. The theme of the short may seem cheesy, but the plot is executed to its absolute best.

SCORE:The score is what kept this film going, for the directors decided to make it a silent film. The score is inspiring and only there when it needs to be. For this short, it was perfect.

ANIMATION:The animation in here is wonderful and quite detailed. I expected it to be sloppily done, but it was actually very detailed with each motion while still keeping a cartoonish spirit. This surprised me.

OTHER CONTENT:This definitely deserved to win Best Animated Short Film at the Academy Awards. Though the plot is centered around reading bringing a person to "life", this film had an unexpectedly great emotional impact combined with a whimsical fantasy plotline. This film also contained a few references used in the right places (Wizard of Oz, Buster Keaten). All this drew it in to make a nearly perfect short film.

OVERALL,an awesome short film with a unique plot with a somewhat cheesy theme, inspiring score, detailed yet cartoonish animation, a great emotional impact, whimsical fantasy plotline, and references in the right places.

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