Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Regular Frankie Fan (2001) review


If this doesn't make you a regular Frankie fan, then I don't blame you!

SUBJECT:Rocky Horror Picture Show has been a cult classic since in came out in 1975 with midnight shows being held all over the world. This delves into the spirit and experiences of a midnight show and performance group by interviewing several performers and audience members of the midnight shows. It delves into how it got started, how a performance group lives, the "Virgin Sacrifice", and even how people have gotten laid during a show. I, being a fan of Rocky Horror, love that they touched upon this, but they didn't do the best of jobs capturing the emotion the movie gives.

PEOPLE:Paul Williams narrates parts of the movie, and of what he narrates, he does a great job of. The people intereviewed from the audience and groups give interesting stories about Rocky Horror shows and conventions as well as the feelings they convey, but they don't succeed at fully capturing the theme of Rocky.

SCORE:The score consists of obscure artists performing heavier or more electronic versions of Rocky songs. It lets you know for true that this is an independent documentary, but some of them aren't that bad, trippy in fact.

OTHER CONTENT:With myself being a fan of the Rocky Horror movie and feel, I expected myself to enjoy this documentary, but instead it plunged me into a world of strangeness. I, myself, am strange, but this just mislead me to think that live shows were raving sex parties with people being crazy. That may be part of the spirit of Rocky Horror, but they didn't even choose hardly to cover the feeling the movie gives off standing alone. I found myself asking, "Where's the magic? Where is the feeling I so enjoyed in watching the actual film?" It was greatly missing the point. I still enjoyed the realism it touched upon in the live shows and how it draws everyone together for a wild good time.

OVERALL,a neutral-feeling documentary with a failed execution of subject matter, great narration and indescribable people, indie score that set the mood of the doc, and a wild good time, but it fails greatly to catch the true essence of Rocky Horror.

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  1. Terrific review man, I especially liked the part where you commented on the magic being missing. Good stuff.