Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day of the Dead (2007) review


If it had not been a gift from a secret santa, I wouldn't have watched it.

PLOT:In a Leadville, Colorado, a virues has broken out where a parasite infects the brain and turns the infected into flesh-eating zombies. Now it's up to a socially-awkward teenager (Michael Welch), his jittery girlfriend (AnnaLynne McCord), a tough-as-nails military officer (Mena Suvari), and a comically-influenced soldier (Nick Cannon) to warn others, put an end to it all, and get out alive. It's a very interesting zombie set-up, but it's executed very crudely.

ACTING:This had to be the worst part of the movie. Suvari couldn't get any emotion expressed, McCord was a bland character, and Welch played a typical character. Cannon I cannot even go into how bad he was. He mainly was the comic relief, but the whole movie stole his job.

SCORE:Typical horror jump-score. Nothing impressive.

EFFECTS:This is the second worst part of the film. The effects are either digital effects that appear out-of-place or make-up effects that look like strawberry jello and pizza. This failed pathetically at the realistic factor and horribly at the entertainment factor.

OTHER CONTENT:Where do I begin? This movie is supposed to be a remake based off of Romero's "Day of the Dead", which it is, but it can't even capture a bit of the terror and cult following the original received in here. It tries to recreate some of the iconic scenes from the movie, but it puts it to shame and only angers me by how they actually tried to copy them scene-by-scene. Secondly, the zombies in the original are typical yet ferocious, wherever these are ferocious and overdone to the point of trying to hard. This movie's so suckily done that even the combat scenes fail. They switch the camera angles so much during combat that you can barely tell what's happening and all the "cool stuff" is lost in translation. I don't even think I should mention the plot twists. The plot twists are so ridiculously written that it couldn't even entertain a simpleton. The only thing that made this movie worthwile was that everything was fun to laugh at. The movie itself, as I said before, turns into a huge comedy relief.

OVERALL,a horrible movie with a crudely executed plot, emotionless and typical acting, jump score, failing effects, failure at trying to re-vamp Romero, overdone zombies, failing combat scenes, and ridiculous plot twists, but it's fun to laugh at.

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  1. Agreed, such an easy film to hate, and a prime example of why remakes are so hated in this day and age. A great review from you