Saturday, August 24, 2013

Superhero Movie (2008) review


This overdone spoof movie borrows from the likes of Spiderman and X-Men, but doesn't live up to the epic spoof it wants to be. Most of the jokes are just too juvenile and crude.

PLOT:Rick Riker (Drake Bell) is a nobody at his school, crushing on popular girl Jill Johnson (Sara Paxton) and hanging with his best friend, Trey (Kevin Hart). Things start to change for Rick, however, when he's bitten by a genetically-mutated dragonfly which gives him the strength of ten men and the power to grip nearly anything easily. Now Rick becomes the Dragonfly, the town's new superhero. A new villain forms around this same time as well. Lou Landers (Christopher McDonald), owner of a big company in town, goes through an experiment to cure his terminal disease, but something goes wrong and changes him. Now he can drain the life out of any person by just touching them. With this power, he turns into the Hourglass, bent on taking over the world. It's up to the Dragonfly to stop him now, if he can get his wings. It's a decent spoof plot executed horribly.

ACTING:The acting in this movie was pretty bad. Drake Bell tried to bring things up as Rick Riker/The Dragonfly, but his script mainly brought him down. He was actually one of the better performances of the movie, as was Leslie Nielsen as Uncle Albert and Sara Paxton as Jill Johnson. Most every other performance sucked, mainly Christopher McDonald as Lou Landers, Ryan Hansen as Lance Landers, and Marion Ross as Aunt Lucille. The other performances I want to mention that weren't too horrible would be Keith David as the Police Chief, Tracy Morgan as Dr. Xavier, and Jeffrey Tambor as Dr. Whitby.

SCORE:The score really didn't matter much. It was all generic superhero-type score and a couple of other songs added in.

EFFECTS:The effects don't really matter in this movie, but they weren't good anyway. The digital effects were too fake, the prop effects were even more fake, and some of the more visual effects were just awfully done. Then again, this is just a spoof movie so they only do what can get the job done.

OTHER CONTENT:This was one of the worst spoof movies I've seen. The humor was more juvenile than most of the others I've seen and there were only about two parts that made me laugh out of something besides stupidity. I believe that it borrowed the right superhero movie aspects, but it didn't parody them well. I believe this could have been done way better than it was. Not to mention, the actual theme of "getting your wings" was just plain cheesy overall.

OVERALL, a sucky spoof movie with a decent plot, pretty bad acting, generic score, fake-looking effects, juvenile laughs, and a cheesy theme, but it could have been done better, and there were a couple of moments in there I found funny enough.

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