Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003) review


This Looney Tunes and live-action crossover is actually much more fun and entertaining than its so-called predecessor with a few clever jokes to satisfy everyone, but the acting for one is pretty bad.

PLOT:In the world of Warner Bros. Studios, Daffy Duck is tired of playing secondhand star to Bugs Bunny, so he gets fired by the vice president of comedy there,  Kate Houghton (Jenna Elfman). Also at the same time, D.J. Drake (Brendan Fraser), son of big spy movie star, Damien Drake (Timothy Dalton), gets fired from his security guard job and finds out his dad is a real super spy and that he (with Daffy, who won't leave him alone) must go to Las Vegas and save him and keep the Blue Monkey diamond out of the evil ACME Chairman's (Steve Martin) hands. All the while, Kate and Bugs go on a journey to meet up with the two unemployed teammates to get them back to the studio, or Warner Bros. will fire her. It's a good plot executed fairly great.

ACTING/VOICES:The acting and voices in this movie are okay, but bad for the most part. Brendan Fraser and Jenna Elfman are actually pretty bad in this movie. Fraser had a couple of a good lines, but for the most part, the script let him down. The voice acting for the toons, such as Jeff Glenn Bennett, Joe Alaskey, Billy West, June Foray, Eric Goldberg and others was pretty good. It was actually an authenticity improvement from the last one. The acting overall was pretty bad, especially Steve Martin in with the main two. I just did not like the character and the acting he did for him. Of course, he had maybe a couple good lines. The shiners aside from whom I may have already named are Heather Locklear as Dusty Tails, Timothy Dalton as Damien Drake, Joan Cusack as Mother, and a special cameo by Michael Jordan.

SCORE:The score and soundtrack was mainly made up of some memorable and original songs, along with a bit of mood-fitting action score. The score was actually pretty cool in this movie.

ANIMATION:The animation in this film is more memorable and just better than in the last one. The toons are animated with a bit more detail and more as if they actually existed.

OTHER CONTENT:This movie was just a fun improvement over the first Looney Tunes crossover. This movie is a lot of fun and actually clever in referencing to the right places, like with the aliens in Area 52 and the paintings in France. However, aside with the bad acting, this movie gets old fast doesn't capture all of the same joy the original show once had. However, it does much better than Space Jam.

OVERALL,an okay movie with a good plot, better voice acting and bad real acting with a bad script, good score and soundtrack, improved and more detailed animation, a lot more fun, and a lot of good referencing, but aside from the bad acting, this movie seems to get old fast and shine little light into the old feel of the original show.

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