Monday, October 29, 2012

When Good Ghouls Go Bad (2001) review


This movie is another one of my Halloween guilty pleasures. I love almost everything about this movie, even considering how bad it may be critically received.

PLOT:Danny Walker (Joe Pichler) is the strange, new kid in the town of Walker Falls who loves Halloween. His dad is the manager of the local chocolate factory that was owned earlier in life by his father, known as Uncle Fred (Christopher Lloyd) to everyone. Uncle Fred now lives at home with Danny. Halloween is now approaching, and Danny decides to put up Halloween decorations; however, he learns through the school bullies that this town is under the curse of Curtis Danko, a weird kid who went to school a long time ago in Walker Falls. Legend says that he sculpted a statue of his hero and was found in the school's kiln room the next day burnt alive with his statue covered up. Scrawled in his ashes was a message telling the people of Walker Falls never to celebrate Halloween again or he will come back. He was buried with his statue in the cemetary, for one kid who saw it claims he went blind for three days. Danny still tries to celebrate Halloween with his family to the outrage of the town, but things change when his Uncle Fred dies in a Halloween-related accident. A few days later, Uncle Fred is an undead zombie trying to bring Halloween back and warning that the curse of Curtis Danko is coming back. Now it's up to Danny, his Uncle Fred, and a few of the town's children to stop the newly-risen zombies and Curtis Danko from ruining Halloween. It's an interesting plot executed pretty well.

ACTING:The acting in here was pretty mediocre at most. The movie was lead by the performance of Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fred, for without him, it would have been practically nothing. Joe Pichler played a decent part as young Danny Walker. With that being said, the child acting in here wasn't as bad as in other movies similar to this one (Ernest Scared Stupid). The worst performance in here would have to be from Jose Element as Mike Kankel, the town's best coach. His acting just got on my nerves and spoiled most of the movie's fun.

SCORE:The score was pretty spooky, but not that big of a deal. It simply carried the movie's theme along.

EFFECTS:The effects in this movie ranged from good to pretty bad. The make-up effects for the zombies looked like just about what you could find on any Halloween, and Curtis Danko himself looked like a Halloween decoration, but it fulfilled the spirit of the movie, which I'll get to later. The worst effects would have to be the pumpkin tower collapsing in town square; it looked very lazily done. However, most of these effects were good due to the feeling they were trying to capture.

OTHER CONTENT:Despite all of its flaws, I really love this movie. It has many flaws, but it rises up to me in many ways. Among its flaws are the script and cheesiness of some of the humor. The lines in the script were mainly all one-liners and puns, which brought on the cheesiness of the humor, but like Ernest, it makes the dialouge become memorable. The things I love the most about this movie, though, start with the feelings it evokes for me. This movie is just made for good, old-fashioned Halloween fun. It mocks that of the zombie subgenre and glorifies the Halloween decoration just to have fun with the holiday, like it should be done! This movie is just a lot of fun, but it does have a few beautiful moments that just send shivers down my spine, mainly at the end; it just leaves me loving Halloween as much as I always have.

OVERALL, a good Halloween movie with an interesting plot, mainly mediocre acting, spooky score, ranging effects, lots of Halloween fun, amd some beautiful scenes, but it has a cheesy script of humor.

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