Friday, August 10, 2012

Marley (2012) review


This insightful look into the life of reggae's best star covers everything from childhood, to religion, to reggae origin, and to death.

PLOT/SUBJECT:This insightful documenary is on the life of reggae's greatest star, Bob Marley, and how he defined the genre and inspired peace among everyone. This contains all kinds of photos, concert footage, interviews from friends and relatives, and even past interviews he attended, and it covers everything, from his childhood, to his religion, to an explaination of reggae, to his rise to fame, to his efforts at making world peace, and to his troubles all the way up to his death in the '80s. It's a very great subject to make a documentary on, and it's executed brilliantly.

PEOPLE:The kinds of people we get to hear from that associated with Marley include associates from his record companies, government officials he worked with, relatives of his own, his wife, former members of The Wailers, and even close friends. Each has a different, interesting story or feeling to express about Bob Marley and his life.

SCORE:The soundtrack is made up of nothing less than all Bob Marley songs, from rare concert recordings, to first tapes, to original recordings, and even to his early stuff. All is either upbeat or beautiful, but either way, it's pure, unfiltered reggae that could simmer anybody down.

OTHER CONTENT:This documentary truly does shine light into the late reggae star's life and how he helped thousands of people experience reggae, freedom, and peace. This film tells a lot of facts people may not have known about Bob, from his father being a different color to his experiences with women. It truly captures his personality and vision as it was and still is nowadays. Like Michael Jackson, his legacy will live on in the hearts of all peace-loving reggae fans. One part in particular I really liked was that they showed the entire funeral from his services to his loading into the truck. It was truly a heart-breaking moment for those all-around.

OVERALL,an epic documentary with a brilliantly-executed subject, interesting people, upbeat reggae soundtrack from the king of reggae, many revealing facts, a living legacy, and touching coverage of his funeral.

R.I.P. Bob Marley, The King of Reggae

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