Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek (2005) review


A creepy short film, but nothing truly special.

PLOT:In the haunted town of Otokoyo, it is said that when kids play hide and seek after dark that they will be taken by demons. You have to have seven kids and each has to wear a foxface mask. Young Hikora ignores the warning about demons and goes with his friends and the other players to find his sister, who played the game earlier and went missing. Some kids playing aren't convinced by the story, but when the lanterns are lit with no one around to light them, things start to get creepy. It's a very good idea for a plot executed decently.

Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek

VOICES:The voices (English dub) were mainly pretty cheesy, annoying, and over-acted. I didn't care for them at all. The only voice I can really call a shiner is the voice of Hikora's little sister. The voice she uses in here is just so creepy, as that of the little girl from Poltergiest.

SCORE:The score was used mainly to set the mood, but it was freaky-sounding.

ANIMATION:In my opinion, the animation wasn't all that great. It reminded me of that of a 3D comic book, but more pixelated. The motions ran through smoothly, but the overall animation was pretty sucky.

OTHER CONTENT:Besides the plot's potential, the only thing that kept this short film going was the creepy effect it had. The demons that are seen in this short film are very freaky-looking, along with the creepy twist near the end. This would be good as a brief ghost story for a group, but it's not long enough to be a good anime horror. Part of the plot's loss of potential is that this is too short! They have a good idea with some interesting and freaky twists, but they don't allow the runtime enough for a true story with character development and longer twists. Nevertheless, it's good as a short film, just not very detailed.

OVERALL,a good anime short horror with a decently executed plot, mainly overdone voices, freaky score, sucky animation, and an accurate creepy effect; if it had only been longer..

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