Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Clockwork Orange (1971) review

(9 out of 10)

VIOLENCE-The fifth of the favorite subjects of Stanley Kubrick, as the booklet has said.

PLOT:Alex DeLarge (Malcolm McDowell) is a young man with a passion for violence, rape, classical music, and going out with his fellow "droogs" to the Korova milk bar to get drinks. In this dystopian future, he as the leader of his friends, gallavant spreading trouble everywhere. After he oversteps his role of being leader of his droogs, they turn against him and leave him for the cops to handle. He hears about this new government treatment while in jail called "Ludovico's Treatment" that is supposed to change an evil young mind to do only good. Alex applies for it, and gets it, but will things really change? And will his freedom of choice waver as well? This is a very uniquely thought-out plot about a dystopian future executed very well, but my comparisons to the book may disagree..

ACTING:The acting was above excellent McDowell takes the role of Alex DeLarge and makes it his. I don't believe anybody could've played it like he could. I admire him for doing so.
The rest of the cast was quite great too. The other shiners would include Warren Clarke as Dim and whoever played the old man he brutally beat in the most disturbing scene in the movie.

SCORE:The score is consisting of its own theme in different variations and glorious classical music that plays a great part. I love classical music anyway, and the theme was very harrowing.

CAMERAWORK:This is IMO the Kubrick movie with the best camerawork. Every shot is realistic, harrowing, clever, and creative to the point where you can reach in and pull out emotions accurately by just what you see.

OTHER CONTENT:This film is disturbing, twisted, and brutal without a doubt. Some people disagree with this, and I say to just ignore it if so because that's what the film is for; depiction of pure violence. Even though the movie is like this, you find yourself secretly enjoying it and rooting for the character. I like the mindtrick Kubrick was trying to give the audience here; an overlay of psychology. Now on to my one issue with the film. I read the book shortly after seeing the film the first time two years ago, so I can compare now. In staying true to the wonderful piece of literature, this quite prospered, but I found a few problems. The whole reason for calling it "A Clockwork Orange" was trashed and unmentioned in here along with the crucial parts related to it, not to mention a changed ending. I like the book a bit better because of this, but the film still serves as being a great film.

OVERALL,an awesome Kubrick film with a unique and thought-out plot, excellent acting, classical and harrowing score, epic camerawork, a hint of psychological tinge from our humble director, and a good attempt of staying true to the book, but there were some crucial scenes cut from the film.

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